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Sketches of the Wigwam Cover

My novel Sketches of the Wigwam is available now from Permuted Press.

When Billy returns to Indian Hills, he unwittingly awakens the Dark Lord of the Mountain. Billy barely escaped the Wigwam when he was a child and now as an adult — albeit one incapable of holding a steady job or staying sober — he’s convinced the beast is just a figment of his imagination.

Well, he’s wrong.

The Wigwam, a skeletal entity of untold cruelty seemingly made from the shadows, remembers Billy very well. The Wigwam can manipulate the woods, holds two undead boys as pet,s and is remorseless in his hunt.

Armed only with sarcasm, a full pack of smokes and as many beers as he can find, Billy once again faces off against the creature from his childhood.

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Killing yourself is never easy, especially when you don’t want the cleaning lady to scrub your brains off the wall…

When a terminally ill man decides to end it all, he employs the services of an old homeless hippie to find his way to the top of an abandoned skyscraper. But before he can jump, our hero must face an unspeakable evil lurking in the depths of Mount Kill Yourself.

Does he have what it takes to survive (temporarily)?

Explore the lighter side of suicide, crushing depression, and monsters in the shadows in my short story “The Journey to Mount Kill Yourself.”

Available on Amazon.


Mike takes his dying mother to a desolate island resort, eagerly awaiting his inheritance once the old gal kicks the bucket, then finds himself in the company of a beautiful teenage girl. Naturally, Mike and his new friend are visited by what could only be described as the cutest space potato of all time.

Not everyone makes it out alive.

Buy my short story “Never Chase Space Potatoes with Teenage Girls” on Amazon.

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