About Mack Moyer

Mack Moyer is a writer and community college dropout from Philadelphia.


Also refuses to throw away small Christmas trees.

He began writing in his early-twenties, focusing his energies on (vaguely) ‘serious’ short stories. After having his literary aspirations pleasantly fondled with a few acceptances at tiny lit rags, he decided to take his writing career in a different direction, namely by dropping it altogether to get hooked on painkillers.

At age 25 he ditched the pill habit, began writing a humor column for a small newspaper, and settled into a pleasant rhythm creating horror stories.

He’s also married to a woman who will henceforth be known as Dr. Wife and spends much of his time tending to Lily, a vicious psychopath who is utterly merciless in dealing with any rodents unfortunate enough to sneak into the kitchen.


Not one of the rodents (somehow).


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